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the wise words of hank moody | 1x01 pilot

"i’m having what you might call a crisis of faith. to put it simply, i can’t write. which really kinda sucks because i’m supposed to be a writer".

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"I didn’t have who Will Graham was in mind.  And then, our very first conversation with the network about who this should be was Hugh Dancy.  There were three names that came up – Hugh Dancy and two other actors – and everybody said, “Let’s go to Hugh and see if he’s interested.”  We just thought that he has an innate likeability and this character is very complex.  Like it says in the book, “Fear makes Will Graham rude,” so he is anti-social and complicated and in his own world.  You have to have somebody who has an innate likeability, otherwise they’re just going to come off like an asshole, and Hugh has that.  You want to be invited into a world by an actor, and Hugh Dancy, as an actor, invites you in to the world that he’s inhabiting.

And based on getting Hugh, Mads was interested because they had worked together on King Arthur.  They were friends.  So, we sat down with Mads and pitched what the show was to him.”

Bryan Fuller [x] 

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Todos somos Sally Draper alguna vez.